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Beluga Caviar Malossol - 28g


Sustainable Caviar. 
Caviar was once the food of kings and czars — and for a sturgeon, it meant death. We use a new technique which consist in massaging the ripe eggs from a female sturgeon — without killing or cutting the fish.

Beluga claims to be the largest migratory fish, and its caviar is rightfully considered a particularly valuable delicacy. 

Beluga caviar of our production is glossy selected eggs, which are distinguished by a large size of 3-4 mm and a pearly black color.

MALOSSOL is pasteurized caviar, which is additionally subjected to a gentle heat treatment, which allows to extend the shelf life while maintaining high quality.

In the manufacture of this caviar, only salt is used and no other preservatives are used.

Country of Origin: Moldova

Ingredients: Beluga caviar, salt.

Shell Life: 8 months

Storage: store at a temperature from - 2 to - 4 °C. Store an open jar in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to + 6 ° C for no more than 48 hours.

Weight: 28g per glass jar

Nutritional Value: in 100 gr. product:
proteins: 23±2 gr. and fats: 17±2 gr. Energy value: 235 kcal.



Gluten Free


Dairy Free





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