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Christmas Dinner - Main Course, Side Dishes and Dessert (for 4 people)


Thinking about what to prepare for Christmas? 

Our Christmas Feast for 4 people include a whole capon, oven-baked pasta, roasted potatoes, sauté mushrooms, baked butternut squash as a side dish. Panettone, nougat, dates and pistachios as dessert. 

The Capon
In addition to the lights, the warmth of the family, there is a table to be laid. 
Among the many courses, the capon is a timeless classic and in this recipe
 we offer you a decidedly tasty version. Slow and prolonged cooking is essential, which will make the capon meat soft and tasty. We have chosen irresistible side dishes: oven-baked potatoes and butternut squash, sauté mushrooms and baked pasta.

But you can enrich it with what your imagination and your taste will suggest to tempt your guests even more! Another point in favor of this recipe? It include also Panettone, torrone, dates and pistachios to finish your meal in the most sweet way. 

What you'll need: salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, white wine and water.

Equipment Required: chopping boards, chopping knife, oven tray, baking tray, bowls, pan and peeler.

Inside the box you will also find the full recipe to replicate at home!

Get your apron, and get your meal ready! Easy, fast and delicious everyday meal.

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