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Cooked Whole Octopus - 1.8kg


Pre-cooked octopus.

The octopus are cleaned of excess parts, vacuum-packed and pasteurized at a high temperature.

In addition to the incomparable taste that is completely preserved, vacuum cooking preserves all the vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, and makes it possible not to add any preservatives to the product, while guaranteeing up to 5 months of conservation. The octopus remains tender, succulent and tasty right up to your plate!

Galicia is justly famed for its octopus cooks (pulpeiros) and its archetypal recipes "pulpo a la Gallega" and "pulpo a la Feria" which rely on the quality of the raw materials, the best of which, like this octopus, come from the coast of Morocco.

These tentacles are steamed in their own juices and are tender, versatile and flavorsome.

Use cold in salads, heat through in their liquid or brown them quickly on the BBQ for stunning results. 

Ready to eat.

Country of Origin: Italy

How To Prepare:
Microwave: take the octopus out of the vacuum bag, slice it and put it on a plate, then heat it for 2 or 3 minutes on high power. All you have to do is season and serve!
Bain-Marie: boil the vacuum pouch for 5 minutes. After cooking, after taking it out of the vacuum pouch, slice it, season and serve!
Do not throw away the juice, it can be used to prepare a seasoning or a sauce!

Storage: store the octopus in the refrigerator

Weight: approx. 1.8kg, whole.

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