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Delicate Lavender Solid Shampoo - Fine Hair - 80g


100% natural delicate solid shampoo bar is formulated to fortify and hydrate thin hair. This shampoo bar is enriched with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, rapeseed oil, and shea butter and infused with a soft lavender fragrance that transports you to the fields of Provence with every wash. NO sulphates or harsh ingredients that could damage, dry or irritate your skin & hair. Enriched with lavender & other natural oils to strengthen fine hair.

SHEA BUTTER has a high concentrations of fatty acids & vitamins and makes it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. It also has anti-inflammatory & healing properties. Using shea butter on your body & face can condition, tone, & soothe your skin.

GRAPESEEDS OIL is known for its high vitamin E content & antioxidants, it's beneficial for the skin & hair. Grapeseed oil locks in moisture, to decrease dryness in the scalp and face. 

RAPESEEDS OIL is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and, vitamin E., which promote emollient & antioxidant properties for skin. The strong antioxidants in vitamin E, also help protect the skin from damage & aging.

LAVANDER OIL can boost the health of hair follicle beds to stimulate hair growth. Lavender also has antimicrobial properties, which may prevent dandruff & scalp irritation. 

Our bars are handmade by French artisans and contain ethically sourced, vegan, natural ingredients. Our unique manufacturing process preserves the natural nutrients and properties of our ingredients to give your skin a lush treatment. All of our products are zero-waste and packaged in 100% compostable boxes.

Country of Origin: Provence, France

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera oil, vitis vinifera seed oil, aqua, sodium hydroxyde, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, Ricinus communis seed oil, lavandula hybrida oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, illite, CI 77007, silica, linalool, geraniol, limonene

Available Format: 80g

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