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Frozen Chicken Anchette (Drumstick + Upper Thigh ) - 2.2kg


The chickens are raised outdoors and fed with cereals following high welfare standards. They are raised with a density of less than 25 kg of live weight per square meter, as required by the "Recommendation" of 28.11.1995 of the EU Permanent Committee for Animal Welfare and are fed with food produced without the use of animal fats.
The chickens are worked scrupulously, cooled and air dried and, finally, packed and frozen. The control of the supply chain is a guarantee of constant quality.
The internal laboratory, in collaboration with the Public Veterinary Services, constantly checks the hygiene of all production phases.
It has a very fine and sapid, the taste reminds of the organoleptic characteristic of the ancient chicken raised on the farmyard.

Frozen Product.

Country of Origin: Italy

Storage: store the steak in the freezer at -18°C. 

To Defrost: leave it in the fridge overnight. This will keep the meat at a temperature that prevents harmful bacteria from gaining a foothold, and it won't take away from the taste and texture of the meat at all.

Weight: approx. 2.2 - 2.5kg in total. Pack of 6 anchette.

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