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Kiwi Gold - 1 Piece


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To ripen, hold fruit at room temperature in a loosely closed paper bag, for two to three days and avoid unusual heat and direct sunlight. Once kiwifruit is ripe and yields to the touch, it should be refrigerated until ready for use.


Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, having ten times more than the equal weight of a lemon. Two fruits have almost twice the vitamin C of an orange and more potassium than a comparable serving of bananas. High in fiber, it also offers vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium and iron. Credit goes to all those little black seeds, as they act much like grains, providing lots of nutrition.


1 piece, loose in paper bag.


Gold kiwis distinguish themselves from common kiwis in color, texture and flavor. Its flavors are sweet and tropical with notes of pineapple and mango. They have less acid-forward flavor. Gold kiwis can lend themselves to preparations both sweet and savory, cold and warm in cold soups, decadent desserts including pies and ice creams, granitas and fruit tarts. Gold kiwis bring a tropical flavor to salads and cocktails. Gold kiwis pair well with acidic and creamy fruits alike such as passion fruits and bananas, bright herbs such as mint and cilantro, nuts such as cashews and macadamias, and mild fruits such as apples and cucumbers. Gold kiwis stand up well to the richness of stewed meats, avocados, the boldness of peppery flavors, chutneys and the aged flavors of sheep's and goat' cheeses.

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