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Nut Butters Gift Box - 4 Different Nut Butters

HK$25200 HK$35200

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The perfect gift does exist. Sustainably made, this Gift Box contains 4 mini sizes of Momo’s signature creamy Nut Butter flavors. Gift it to your loved ones, or better yet, gift it to yourself. 
Vegan. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO.
What's inside: 4 x 150g jars of Momo's Nut butters.
Almond Butter:  At MOMO we like our butters smooth and creamy. Made with 100% Californian Almonds, each jar is filled with freshly crushed almonds. Focusing on the texture and consistency of the product, we chose to use a grinder that processes the nuts slowly, allowing the almond to release its oils naturally. This yields a consistent oil and nut mixture, ensuring the nut and oil do not separate easily. Crushed freshly just for you, no oils and sugar were added. 
Pistachio & Cashew Butter: This Pistachio Cashew Butter was our best-kept secret. We made this for our VIPS only - now you are one too. It is made with 70% Pistachio and Cashews to give that extra kick of creaminess. Pistachio is high in fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fat, while cashew is low in sugar and rich in heart-healthy fats and plant proteins. This luxurious butter is the perfect concoction for the health nuts out there.
Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut butter: No Palm Oil, No added Sugar, No Guilt. Made with only three ingredients, this is our healthy version of our childhood favorite brands. A blend of 72% Valrhona dark chocolate, freshly crushed hazelnuts, and cashew, this delicious blend will definitely satisfy chocolate lovers. It is actually healthy (in moderation) - your trainer might approve.  The texture of this product is dependent on the temperature. We use real chocolate, so the texture is runny at room temperature. Store in the fridge for a firmer texture.
Crunchy Almond Butter: Our creamy Almond Butter‘s sidekick. Freshly roasted Californian Almonds are swirled into our signature silky Almond Butter. Crunchy yet smooth - now you get the best of both worlds. Consistent oil and nut mixture, ensuring the nut and oil do not separate easily. Crushed freshly just for you, no oils and sugar were added. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO.
Holiday Greeting Card (this card is made from cherries!)

Country of Origin: Hong Kong 

Format: gift box containing 4 different nut butter spreads


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