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Spaghetti AOP with Cherry Tomatoes and Anchovies (for 2 people)


1 review
Per 2 people

Back to your busy routine and no time to think about dinner? 

Craving for something tasty but you have no time?
Time does not necessarily hinder creativity: with a pinch of imagination and combining the right flavors, you can get very tasty dish, light and appetizing first course, with fresh cherry tomatoes and anchovy fillets that give character to this very simple pasta recipe but suitable for a lunch or dinner organized at the last minute!

We wanted to bring to you a recipe kit created by our Chefs, right at your doorstep. Easy and tasty, made with the freshest products.  

What you'll need: salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Equipment Required: wooden board, small chopping knife, kitchen tongs, non-sticky pan, boiling pot, serving plates.

Inside the box you will also find the full recipe to replicate at home!

Get your apron, and get your meal ready! Easy, fast and delicious everyday meal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tasty, easy and super fresh ingredients

The recipe kits are just perfect. You don't have to buy all the ingredients individually, which leads to sometimes having an excess of them. Everything was according to the Grocery Club standard of super fresh ingredients and the recipe is easy to follow and additionally gives some helpful tipps and tricks. Can highly recommend it!