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Natural Deodorant "Bliss"



Hong Kong


MOOD natural deodorants are handmade with 100% natural ingredients as listed below: *Maranta arundinacea Root Powder, *Cocos nucifera Oil, Magnesium Hydroxide, Isoamyl Laurate, Jojoba Esters, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Palmitate, *Butyrospermum parkii Butter, Triethyl Citrate, Tapioca Starch, Zinc Ricinoleate, Oryza sativa Bran Wax, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Helianthus annuus Seed Oil.

*Organic certified

The following pure essential oils are also added to our scented MOOD Deodorant BLISS:
Cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, boswellia carterii oil, citrus aurantifolia peel oil distilled, *citronellol, *geraniol, *linalol, *citral, *limonene.

*naturally occurring ingredients of essential oils


Store in a dry, cool place.


35g of solid deodorant in paper tube.


Feel ready to walk fearlessly in every journey. This citrusy deodorant has a refreshing blend of lemongrass, lime and frankincense essential oils will make you feel a boost of energy and brings clarity to the mind.

Smells like BLISS and reigns with a tropical character.

Stops body odor naturally thanks to the 19 plants and minerals it will keep you fresh all day.

Without aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals or any allergens such as baking soda.

Unlike your average organic deodorant for women and men, Mood natural deodorants are made with up to 19 plant and mineral ingredients. This coconut deodorant natural stick leaves no stains and apply silky smooth. Re-apply to pulse points or any sweaty area through the day.

Vegan and cruelty-free, our men and women natural deodorant contain no aluminum, baking soda, paraben, silicone, phthalates, toxins, synthetic fragrance, or alcohol.

Our lightweight, compact deodorant has no water nor filler, a little goes a long way. Glide 2 to 4 thin swipes for all day freshness. Use each tube daily for up to 3 months.

Your eco-friendly deodorant comes in zero-waste, compostable packaging. Sustainably hand made in Hong Kong with fair trade, wild virgin coconut oil from the Solomon Islands, and other planet-safe ingredients.

Zero residues, zero stickiness and zero stains. It is child and pregnancy safe.

When you switch from antiperspirant, your pores will start to unclog and breathe. Your skin may take 2 to 3 weeks to adjust to a cleaner and healthier product. During such time (a.k.a pit detox), you may need to reapply our natural deodorant during the day.

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