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Open 7/7 including Public Holidays | Free delivery on orders above HK$650

Who We Are

Founded in late 2021, The Grocery Club is a brand-new online shopping platform that highlights fresh food and artisanal products sourced from all around the world.
We offer a wide range of international products sourced directly from the producers, leveraging the success of our parent company Bravo Fine Foods.

The Grocery Club features seasonal produce, crafted charcuterie, cheeses, and lifestyle products, meeting the everyday needs of customers. The online shopping platform showcases thousands of products and offers membership for exclusive shopping experiences, including weekly offers, special perks, and vantages on delivery services to fit clients' busy work schedules.

Our Parent Company

Bravo Fine Foods

Bravo Fine Foods started with selling white truffles in 2013 and evolved over the years to provide a wide range of products including fresh fruits and vegetables, cold cuts and dry goods. Today, Bravo Fine Foods is one of the food suppliers with the largest portfolio in the market, serving more than 200 Hong Kong’s finest dining and hospitality establishments.


In addition to our goal of bringing quality products and reliable delivery services, we also want to be the change and contribute to protecting the environment for our future generation. There has been increasing media exposure on the impact of meat farming on the environment and animal welfare. There is also increasing discussions of the health impact of consuming too much products that were produced in an intensive and industrialized way. With that in mind, we select our products not purely based on price, but also based on the nature of the product itself: is it farmed responsibly taking into account the animal welfare and the environmental impact. Animal are fed only with Italian raw fodder, there is no use of hormones, GMO, or chemical and artificial foods. The food supply chain is short, certified and controlled.

Our Partner

High Quality Food

In late 2021, we built a partnership with High Quality Food (HQF), a company that offers 100% certified and traceable products. HQF controls the entire supply chain of their products through controlled craftsmanship, natural cultivation and technology to ensure the quality of their products. They also true to being sustainable, respecting the nature, environment and animal welfare in their approach.

Benefitting from this partnership, we are able to bring artisanal, superior quality products and some exclusive products such as "Marango Beef" to The Grocery Club clients.

Go Green

Another initiative to be environmentally friendly is our approach in using single-use plastics. While plastic pollution has been a major environmental challenge for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation due to the increased use of single-use plastic. Research* shows that "more than eight million tons of pandemic-associated plastic waste have been generated globally, and more than 25,000 tons entered the ocean". While there is no official government policy on recycling plastic, we work with a Hong Kong based recycle company to recycle all plastic and poly-foam boxes that we receive from suppliers, we repack all the orders either with recycled paper or using 100% biodegradable packaging material. We also donate all our food waste to a local charity.
We partner with Beyond Plastic bringing sustainable household products and natural personal care products to The Grocery Club clients.


At The Grocery Club we celebrate diversity. Our team of food enthusiasts are from all over the world and were all brought up in different cultures, yet we all share one trait: our passion for quality food. We invite you to join our community to take care of yourself, your family and your loved ones.

We are open every day including public holidays. Come shop at The Grocery Club and discover a new way to shop.