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Anchovies Sauce from "Cetara" - 100ml


Colatura di alici is an amber colored liquid obtained through a particular process of maturation of anchovies in salt. The product does not require any particular type of treatment. Due to its flavour, the product can be used to flavor boiled vegetables as well as to flavor pasta and rice. It is suitable for all types of consumers.

Cetara, Italy


Salted anchovy extract, salt.


It is a shelf stable product, but once it is opened it is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator (2°C - 8°C). It will have a long shelf life even after opening, due to the salt content.


Amount Per 100g | Calories 103 | Total Fat 2.1g | Saturated Fat 0.3g | Total Carbohydrates 0g of which Sugars 0g | Protein 21g | Salt 23g


100ml in glass bottle.


"Anchovy drippings" is an Italian fish sauce made from anchovies from the small fishing village of Cetara, Campania.

The sauce is a transparent, amber-colored liquid, produced by fermenting anchovies in brine.

Noble descendant of Garum, which was used by the ancient Romans as a universal condiment, Colatura di Alici is one of the specialties of the Cetarese culinary art and is prepared with the same passion as in the past, according to the precepts of the ancient tradition of the Amalfitana Coast.

Its origins are lost in time, but it is said that the traditional Colatura di Alici, as we continue to appreciate it today, was born from the expert hands of the Cistercian monks of Amalfi.

The unique flavor and the patient production process have made it a symbol of the industriousness of entire generations who hand down, from father to son, the art of salting and then filtering the intensely flavored liquid, the result of skillful seasoning and pressing of salted anchovies.

Colatura di Alici is healthy, digestible and rich in vitamin A and can be enjoyed combined with a few fresh herbs such as: parsley, garlic, chilli pepper and a good extra virgin olive oil, naturally mixed at the moment for the dressing of linguine or spaghetti al dente.

Tradition has it that Colatura di Alici was used in Cetara only to flavor fish-based dishes on Christmas Eve.

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