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Carasau Bread





Re-milled durum wheat semolina, water, salt, brewer's yeast.


Store in a dry, dark, cool pantry. Pane Carasau store well, even up to a year.


Amount Per 100g | Calories 375 | Total Fat 2.4g | Saturated Fat 0.4g| Total Carbohydrates 72g of which Sugars 3.0g | Fibre 6.5g | Protein 11.9g | Salt 2.1g


900g in paper packaging wrapped in plastic.


Pane Carasau are thin crunchy flatbread from Sardinia made from the durum wheat flour.

Surprisingly the dish is of ancient origin and these breads can last up to one year if kept dry. The name is derived from the Sardinian word “carasare,” meaning crust of the bread.

They have a clean taste and can be used with any number of toppings, or cut into triangles, and used with your favorite dipping sauce. The quality of the raw materials is the cornerstone of the company, which uses only Sardinian flours coming from the stone milling of Senatore Capelli wheat. The Soru Bakery bakes the traditional Pane Carasau every day, characterized by a sheet, the "fressa", very thin and crumbly.
The Soru Bakery in Ovodda produces the typical carasau bread, one of the most famous Sardinian foods in the world. This bread is also called "fressa bread", as each of the very thin sheets that characterize it is called, precisely, "fressa". The crunchy browning of its surface comes from its main ingredient: re-milled durum wheat semolina, obtained exclusively by stone-milling the "Senatore Capelli" variety of wheat, of Sardinian origin. This carasau bread, capable of accompanying any meal, brings to the palate the rich and ancient taste of the Sardinian hinterland.

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