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Mischiato Potente di Gragnano - 500g


Pastificio dei Campi is located in Gragnano, an exceptional place for pasta production, where industrial development has led to the loss – partial at least – of the magic linked to the art of this white gold.
Our firm aims to restore and sustain the tradition of Gragnano pasta IGP, and seeks to do this in a way that respects craftsmanship and traditional production methods, allowing the raw ingredients and stages of production all the time they need to create a pasta of the very highest quality, the best pasta ever.

Mixed pasta ( ammescat in the Neapolitan language ) is something profoundly Neapolitan, still unknown in some areas. Its origin is in the recovery tradition, that is when the women of the house were able to compose a meal using the leftovers of various types of pasta left unused for some reason, perhaps because they are few if taken individually.

It is made up of 7 different shapes of pasta, characterized by a great body and - in some shapes - by the lines.
Compared to the other versions, it is more suitable for legumes with a persistent flavor or for fatter and more substantial soups.

This product contain gluten.

Country of Origin: Gragnano, Italy

Storage: store in a dry, cool place.

Weight: 500g per pack



Gluten Free


Dairy Free





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