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Foaming Dish Soap





Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium C14-16 olefin, sulfonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, peg-150, citric acid anhydrous, fragrance, sodium benzoate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic, acid disodium salt.


Store in a dry, cool place.


1 glass bottle and soap refill in carton box.


Our Dish Soap set comes in our LIFE bottles a sturdy, reusable glass bottle with a foaming dispenser and 3 lemon-scented refill tabs to start you off. It also looks great in the kitchen whilst saving space!

350ml Dish Soap Glass Bottle (foaming dispenser)

3 Foaming Dish Soap Tabs

Lemon Scented

Up to 90% of the contents of the average bottle of liquid hand soap or household cleaning product is actually just water!

We offer dehydrated tabs with active ingredients.
All you need to do is add warm water at home and voila! your product is ready to go.

Packed into the size of a HK 1 coin, our little wonder tabs are made of non-toxic dehydrated cleaning solution. For our tabs, good things do come in small packages. Each tab will transform into a cleaning solution or hand soap with 500ml of warm water!

Our LIFE bottles are designed to be used again. The sturdy glass bottle and foaming dispenser turn boring soapy water into foamy puffs of pure joy!

With unique fragrances, you'll be finding excuses to wash your hands (and the dishes!) more and more every day.

To reduce plastic and save money, we encourage you to reuse your existing bottles* at home and refill with our tabs! There is no need for bulky cleaning items cramping your style. With our products, you can now save space and declutter those cabinets.

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