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Freshly Frozen Artisanal Cavatelli - 250g


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Semolina flour, water.


Store in the freezer: Place the container or bag of pasta in the freezer, making sure it is flat and not stacked on top of other items to avoid crushing. Use within 2-3 months: Frozen pasta can be stored in the freezer for up to 2-3 months, after which the quality and taste may begin to deteriorate.


500g vacuum packed.


High Quality Food pasta is a unique product with an extraordinary taste, produced in Abruzzo by generations of artisan pasta makers. The semolina chosen for our production comes from wheat grown directly on the Gran Sasso plain, an area where sun and water are present in ideal quantities to obtain a product with exceptional organoleptic characteristics. It is an Italian semolina, with very high quality standards, which in winter feeds on the melted snow of the mountain.

Cavatelli are such a fun and easy pasta shape to make. It's a typical shape from the south of Italy, specifically Molise and Puglia and resembles small shells.
In Italian, cavatelli means “little hollows.” This type of pasta somewhat resembles miniature hot dog buns and is relatively easy to make from scratch.

This type of pasta is great for almost any Italian dish because it can easily mop up sauces. It doesn’t get much simpler than this, so get ready to try some of our favorite cavatelli pasta dishes.

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